As part of England Squash phase 2 return to squash, members can now form bubbles of up to 6 players who can play squash subject to the guidelines available on the home page of this site. The Squash Committee has formed bubble leagues which will show members which players have formed bubbles and will allow results to be entered if members wish to do so. Note that due to restrictions currently in place, there is no promotion or relegation. The leagues can be seen on the following link, please remember that to enter results you will need to log in.

View bubble leagues

The club runs internal leagues for both Squash and Squash 57 (Racketball). Each league consist of 5 or 6 members per league with matches played over a calendar month. The top two players at the end of the month are promoted, the bottom two players are demoted.

All leagues use the LeagueMaster computerised system for which members need to register then request to join the relevant league.

Access the Cheshire LeagueMaster system here

We also organise club competitions during the year. Details will be shown for each here, together with advice on how to enter.

League Rules

The league rules for Squash and Squash 57 (Racketball) are slightly different, please use the links below to access the full rules for each option.

Squash League Rules

Squash 57 (Racketball) Rules