League Rules

  1. Each league normally contains 5 players. However, where there is a challenge, or to even out the bottom leagues, this may be varied by the league compiler.
  2. The league period is normally one calendar month. The Committee may, however, alter periods as holidays and/or tournaments dictate.
  3. Players are expected to make every effort to play their league games during the league period. Each player must play a minimum of 2 games in each league period; otherwise the player will be dropped from the leagues. Exceptions to this rule are:
    1. In cases of injury - a three month period is allowed without playing and the player must indicate on the league table that he/she is injured. The player will be demoted in each month not played.
    2. If other exceptional circumstances occur which prevent games being played, the player should consult the league compiler.
  4. Normally, three clear days notice for a league game should be offered to an opponent. If this is unsuitable the proposed opponent must arrange a mutually acceptable time, giving a similar period of notice.
  5. If a player makes a genuine effort to arrange a match but is unsuccessful, he may claim the maximum points off his opponent for that match ie. 7 points.
  6. The score recorded is the best of 5 games or, if uncompleted, that acheived after 40 minutes play. Matches may continue to completion after 40 minutes play only if both players are in agreement.
  7. If a player turns up late for a match by more than 5 minutes and the match is then uncompleted, the late player forfeits any uncompleted game. If late by more than 10 minutes, the late player also forfeits any other games not played.
  8. The recorded score is 1 point for each game won, plus 3 points for playing, plus 1 point for winning. Eg:
    3 games to 27 - 5
    3 games to 17 - 4
    3 games to 07 - 3
    2 games to 16 - 4
    2 games all5 - 5
    Each player is responsible for ensuring the correct score is recorded on the leagues.
  9. At the end of each league period the top two players from each league are promoted and the bottom two demoted, under normal circumstances. In the event of a tie on points the current league order takes precedence. Promoted players go to the bottom of their new league and demoted players go the top of their new league in order of points scored.
  10. In certain months the number of challengers or withdrawls may necessitate alteration to the promotion/demotion system. This will be at the league compiler's discretion.
  11. The decision of the league compiler is FINAL. The league compiler at present is Lucy Atkinson.

Additional Rules Regarding Challenges

  1. A player must indicate on the leagues, before the end of the previous month, into which league a challenge is to be made.
  2. Only one challenge per league is allowed.
  3. A successful challenge occurs as follows:-
    Win all gamesPromoted one league
    Lose 1 gameRemain in challenge league
    Lose 2 gamesRelegated one league
    Lose 3 gamesRelegated two leagues
    Lose 4 gamesRelegated three leagues
    Lose all gamesChallenge unsuccessful, league compiler to decide on league placement
  4. If the challenge is unsuccessful, a further challenge can not be made for 3 months.
    1. If a player decides to withdraw from the leagues, he/she may not challenge back in for a period of 3 months
  5. The onus is on the challenger to contact opponents to arrange matches.
  6. In the event of draws, injuries, abandonments and all other extenuating circumstances the league compiler's decision is FINAL.